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#Customerservice on social: Not IF - HOW!

Posted by TDF2B on June 23, 2016 at 4:40 AM

#Customerservice on social: Not IF - HOW!

Customer service offered by businesses online these days is a far cry from where it should be. Brands don't yet seem to care or understand their customers & their expectations regarding what they consider reasonable not to mention great customer service.


A professional customer service channel needs to be setup on social channels in an efficient way for every business. It's time for businesses to understand they must offer quality customer service even more on social because that's where people are looking for it, it's where they let it all out..


Basic fundamentals:


1. Customers and potential customers these days will turn to social media first either to check what is said about you and your brand experience, and to file a complaint or inquiry. The problem I see and have experienced myself is that there isn't one team-one channel that deals with this issue. Customers are being referred from one place to another which makes the whole process lengthy and annoying. Hardly the aim of customer service..


I filed a complaint with a very large travel organization, going to their Facebook page was the easiest and fastest solution at the time and though they replied within reasonable time, they said they can't really assist me and referred me to their website to fill out a form which was not working, and then gave me an email address. This was ridiculous to me mostly because I was already talking to someone!! Instead, it took close to five months to resolve the problem clearly making me upset I had to chase them for all these months.


2. RESPOND! Brands from small to big, do not respond to what is either said about them or to them.


3. Listen- Don't go on the defence immediately- know when to say: "Sorry we messed up let us make it up to you!" Sometimes that's all a customer wants to hear!


4. Be transparent. Let your customers get to know you as well as your brand better.


5. Make sure to follow up on reviews, complaints, comments and messages.


6. Make it easy for people to be able to get in touch with you.


Awesome customer service can go a really long way.


To your success!


Diti Asiag- [email protected]

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