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5 things you should stop doing on #Facebook right now!

Posted by TDF2B on June 23, 2016 at 4:40 AM

5 things you should stop doing on #Facebook right now!

Though you might not be able to see it right away practices just as the ones I'm about to mention, can damage your brand, marketing efforts as well as your professional reputation on Facebook. Not to mention these are guaranteed to get your page or personal profile suspended or shut down and no, Facebook does not give a warning like most people believe.


Which so call marketing strategies should you stop using?


1. No.1 strategy I see which doesn't help your marketing efforts one bit is when you create your business page and invite all your friends to like it. Your friends might like your page as a courtesy to you or because they want to support you however, besides the fact that your friends most probably already know what you do for a living, there is very low chance for engagement on their part within the community you are trying to establish, low engagement hurts your ranking. Its also very likely they will not enjoy being nagged or being viewed as just another possible business lead. Business and friends on Facebook should be separate. Personally, I don't appreciate being invited to pages which I'm clearly not a part of the target group. This tactic is used partly because business owners still focus on like numbers, instead of quality likes meaning actual business leads!


Take away: It's fine to invite friends to like your page but ONLY when it's truly relevant to them. Some pages I know have more then 50% friends who liked their page, meaning that you as a page owner, is wasting valuable time and marketing efforts on fans then will never become leads.


2. STOP spamming different groups and other pages timeline with your sales pitch and URL, not to mention the "Please like my page.." posts. It will only get you blocked and reported.


3. STOP doing business using your personal profile! There is a place for everything and practices such as sharing all your sale / work updates on your profile for example...It's a no no I'm afraid. ANNOYING! Your profile should be private, don't spam your friends. And since this is also against Facebook T & C, your profile will be suspended because of it! It just happened to two business owners I know, it took them months to be allowed to re join Facebook.


Take away: As a business you will gain much more if you create a page. So many tools such as ads will become available for you to truly build your business community. You can share the occasional update from your page to your personal profile to keep your friends in the loop (just in case), use the milestone and notes option instead.


4. Facebook (like) parties- Just don't do it! Remember, to succeed you must concentrate on Quality and not quantity. Such LIKE parties are normally hosted on big pages looking to enhance their own popularity at your expense. You are invited to share your page's URL with a short description on the party thread, and the rule when you join is that you must like everyone on there...Leading many times to hundreds of likes that are only spamming your page, and hurting it's ranking. This is basically a dis-service to both sides as they are both gaining likes however, most likely are irrelevant and will never visit your page, engage, share or become an actual lead. Basically it's spamming your own page with empty likes.


Take away: It's better to have 500 likes which hit the mark of your target group and that indeed have an interest in your product or services, meaning there's a chance of conversion then 20,000 likes who simply don't belong there. This also means all your marketing efforts will be in vain as your real target group isn't a part of your community.


5. Stop trying to find shortcuts. There are none..Provide quality content, solve a real problem for your target audience and you will succeed.


Just because other people are doing these things, it really isn't a good enough reason for you to follow in their footsteps.


Facebook is a social platform so THINK SOCIAL!


Your turn..


Diti- [email protected]


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